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FAQ: Should I pour oil from cooked meats down the sink drain?

Answer: No. Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) resulting from food preparation can build up in sewer pipes and cause expensive blockages, backups and sewage overflows. Sources of F.O.G. include gravy, sauces and soups, butter, milk, mayonnaise and shortening. Take a look at a pipe clogged with F.O.G. (Spoiler alert: it’s icky!)… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: My shirt’s all worn out, should I toss it in the trash?

Answer: No, threadcycle it! Ripped, worn and stained clothes and linens, heavily worn shoes, and “singles” of items that are normally paired aren’t garbage anymore. Threadcycle, a joint project of King County and Seattle Public Utilities, is urging residents to take used clothing items to one of the dozens of… [ Keep reading ]

It’s Time for Spring Clean!

City-Sponsored Community Cleanup Event Runs April–May 2016 SEATTLE — Spring is just around the corner, and so is Spring Clean, Seattle’s premier community cleanup program. Spring Clean, now in its 30th year, runs from April 1 through May 31. During Spring Clean, Seattle residents participate in activities like picking up… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: Can I trash leftover bubble wrap?

Answer: Nope, recycle it! Bubble wrap is not garbage. To recycle it, you only need to bundle it together in a plastic bag. Remember it can always be reused for future gift wrapping and product shipments, or dropped off at a Seattle Public Utilities transfer station. Several local mailing and shipping… [ Keep reading ]

Threadcycle: damaged clothes and linens aren’t garbage anymore

“Threadcycle” encourages residents to donate for reuse or recycling Every year, Seattle and King County residents toss an estimated 40,000 tons of clothes, shoes, linens and other textiles into the garbage. And all of those items go directly to a landfill. But ripped, worn and stained clothes and linens, heavily… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: Does SPU do graffiti removal?

Answer: Yes SPU’s Graffiti Rangers remove graffiti from public and, in some persistent cases, private property. Reporting Graffiti: Taking prompt, proactive steps to report and remove graffiti is the best way to prevent it from occurring in your community. The city’s Graffiti Nuisance Ordinance requires property owners to remove graffiti in… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: Can I put invasive plants in my food and yard waste cart?

Answer: Yes (but backyard composters beware!)  It’s ok to put non-native invasive plants (including trimmings, roots and leaves) in your food and yard waste cart. However, backyard compost is a different story. Don’t put weed seed heads, roots, or runners in your backyard compost heap—they’ll just continue to grow! Instead, dry them out… [ Keep reading ]