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Video: Ship Canal Water Quality Project – Public invited to comment until August 24, 2015

CSO_diagram_2015_v9_wet_WEBSewage and stormwater from many older parts of Seattle all funnels into shared pipes that lead to King County’s treatment plant in Magnolia. During heavy rains, these pipes can reach their capacity. When the pipes are too full, they can overflow into our lakes and waterways.

SPU is working with King County to design and build the Ship Canal Water Quality Project. This underground storage tunnel will capture sewage and stormwater from the Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford and north Queen Anne areas. The project will keep more than 75 million gallons of polluted water out of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay, and Lake Union each year. Combining efforts will help King County meet their Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program requirements, “Protecting Our Waters”. In addition, working together will be more cost-effective and pose fewer impacts to the community. This video explains the project need and proposed solution.

Submit comments about the Ship Canal Water Quality Project by August 24, 2015

SPU is requesting comments from interested stakeholders on the content and scope of the Supplemental EIS and how this project will affect the environment and community. Find out more here. Comments will be accepted until August 24, 2015.