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Staying F.O.G. Free!

GreaseThanksgiving is almost here and that means that a lot of our time will be spent in the kitchen. There will be yummy mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, and of course turkey. All of this amazing food also creates a lot of waste. Much of this waste is not created through cooking, but through our disposal of the food. That’s where F.O.G. happens.

F.O.G. is fats, oils, and grease that build up in sewer pipes when they are poured down the drain. These materials can cause blockages, backups, and sewage overflows to both private and public properties. Some common sources of F.O.G. are gravy, cooking oil, mayonnaise, butter, and even food scraps.

So, it is very important that F.O.G. is disposed of properly. Some tips on doing this are using a paper towel to wipe the greasy dish before washing, using the sink strainer to catch food scraps, as well as composting the food scraps.

One additional tip for the large amounts of leftover F.O.G. is to pour it into a disposable container, and to freeze it before tossing it into the trash.

The amount of F.O.G. is elevated during Thanksgiving, but with proper disposal we can all help keep our drains fat free. For more information visit F.O.G. Disposal or ask Evelyn Envelope.