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Reducing the Stress: Tips on Recycling Correctly

FBprofileEveStand no logoAs we all may know recycling can be a pain. But don’t get stressed. Here are some tips to help ease the pain accompanied with recycling.

 Tip 1:

 All food pans and aluminum foil can be recycled, but they must be rinsed out beforehand. Compostable food ware cannot be recycled, but plain non-shiny plates and the approved Cedar Grove compostable food ware can be recycled.

Tip 2:

Lids less than three inches in diameter cannot be recycled. These lids may be found on gallon jugs, water bottles, and milk cartons.

Tip 3:

Plastic shopping, newspaper, and dry cleaning bags can be recycled. All bags must be stuffed into a single plastic bag. Contaminated bags cannot be recycled. Produce bags, bread bags, frozen food and Ziploc bags also cannot be recycled.

Tip 4:

Styrofoam “peanuts” and Styrofoam blocks cannot be recycled. Though bubble wrap can be recycled, by placing it into a plastic grocery bag, bubble envelopes cannot be recycled and must go into the garbage.

Recycling is a tough act to follow and with these tips anyone can correctly recycle. For reference visit What’s Accepted or ask Evelyn Envelope for more assistance on recycling.