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Compost Food: It’s Easy!

2-Gallon Liner Bag_lowIn a recent poll, 3 out of 4 Seattle residents supported a requirement to compost food.

The most common reason they compost food? “It’s easy,” they say.

When we asked folks how they compost in the kitchen, we heard that everyone has their own way of storing their leftover kitchen scraps and carrying it to their food and yard waste cart.

Suggestions include:

• Wrap them in newspaper or use paper bags.

• Use green compostable bags found at most grocery stores.

• Use a reusable container, such as a coffee can, Tupperware, juice pitcher or bowl. When it’s full, they empty the container in the food and yard cart, rinse the container out, and put it back in the kitchen. Many residents use a combination of compostable bags and reusable containers to keep their kitchens tidy.

Lots of people keep their food scrap container by the kitchen garbage and recycling containers to remind everyone to use it. Still others keep it in the refrigerator or freezer to keep things fresh until collection day.

The important thing, residents say, is to keep a routine. Take scraps out to the curb at least once a week for collection. Once you get in the habit, it becomes easier, cleaner and second nature! You’ll be amazed at how much emptier your garbage can becomes.

Need help getting started? Ask your friends and neighbors or visit for more advice.