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Food Scrap Recycling: Keeping It Clean

13-galCedarGrove_FBFollow these simple tips to avoid odors and fruit flies when composting food scraps.

Inside: Tips for Your Kitchen Container

• Use a kitchen container with a tight-fitting lid and/or a carbon filter.
• Put food scraps in a compostable bag, paper bag or wrap the food scraps in newspaper and store in the freezer until collection day.
• Rinse out your kitchen container after emptying it.
• Line the container with a scrap of cardboard, paper bag or paper towel.
• Sprinkle baking soda in the container.

Outside: Tips for Your Food and Yard Waste Cart

• A small layer of shredded paper or newspaper can absorb liquids in your cart
• Keep your cart clean. Line the bottom with newspaper and/or layer food scraps and food-soiled paper with your yard waste.
• Using paper or compostable bags will also help keep the cart clean.
• If you rinse your cart, dump the liquid on a lawn, planting area, or gravel bed and NOT down a storm drain or in the street where the waste water will go down the storm drain.

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