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Keep Trash Out of Toilet

Clogged SewerDid you know that so-called “flushable” wipes and other trash are causing serious plumbing and sewer problems across the city?

FACT: Toilet paper is the only product, besides human waste, that breaks down when it’s flushed. Everything else (yes, everything!) can cause expensive clogs and backups, and wreaks havoc on the city’s sewer system.

KEEP IN MIND: Just because it flushes, doesn’t make it safe to flush. Even if it makes it through your pipes, it is likely contributing to problems that could cause your sewage to back up.

USE THE TRASH—not the toilet, to dispose of feminine hygiene products, dental floss, condoms, and all types of wipes—even facial tissue.

IGNORE—product labels that say “flushable.”

BOTTOM LINE: If it’s not toilet paper, put it in the garbage!

Watch a Seattle Public Utilities crew clear Pump Station 35 at University Village of all the debris that should go in the trash.