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Green Halloween Tips

jackSeattle Public Utilities has the following tips to help make cleaning up after Halloween a little less scary.

Unwanted Candy – Somebody out there loves your unwanted candy, even candy corn. What you can’t giveaway, compost in your food and yard waste cart. Wrappers and gum go in the garbage.

Jack O’ Lanterns – If you’re feeling crafty, the internet has some easy tips on how to make new candles out of old wax scraps. If not, place in garbage. Put the pumpkin in your food and yard waste cart.

Dead Flashlight Batteries – Batteries of all varieties can be recycled at many locations throughout Seattle. Visit for locations.

Costumes and Displays – Donate to local thrift stores.

Caramel Apples – Donate or compost in your food and yard waste cart.

Old Toothbrushes; Empty Toothpaste and Floss Containers – Put in garbage.

Pepto Bismol Bottles – Empty plastic bottles and cups go in the recycling. The cap goes in the garbage.