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Why Save Water Outside?

Boy With WaterDespite our rainy winters, we get less rainfall than Tucson, AZ during the summer months. That’s when our reservoirs are lowest, and demand for irrigation water is highest.

Follow these five steps – your yard and wallet with thank you:

Build healthy soil with compost and mulch for plants with deeper roots, fewer pest and weed problems, and lower water needs.

Choose the right plants that are pest-resistant, require less water, and match the sun, shade, and soil in your yard. Use the Plant List to select the right plants for your garden.

Practice smart watering to prevent plant disease. If you have an automatic watering system, check our Irrigation/Sprinkler System Rebates.

Think twice before using pesticides. Keep your plants healthy by creating a garden that prevents problems before they start.

Practice natural lawn care and enjoy a healthy lawn that needs less water, fertilizer and pesticides.