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Report Illegal Dumping

Report the illegal dumping of garbage in your neighborhood and help your area be a clean, healthy, safe place to live and work. Seattle Public Utilities will send an illegal dumping field inspector to investigate the problem and get it cleaned up according to City of Seattle ordinances.

Illegal dumping on public property

It is considered illegal dumping when any junk, garbage or debris is left on public property—including roadsides, open streets, and paved alleys. The items most commonly reported are TVs and computers; furniture; paints, solvents and other potentially hazardous liquids; tires; garbage, yard waste, and construction debris.

Report Problems

To report problems on public property, use the Illegal Dumping Report Form, or call 206-684-7587.

Issues on private property

To report accumulation of junk storage, inoperable or junk cars parked in yards, or other types of stored materials on or around private property, contact the Department of Planning & Development’s Code Compliance Division. Use the Code Violation Complaint Form or call the DPD Violation Complaint Line at 206-615-0808.

Why report illegal dumping

Accumulation of rotten, decaying garbage attracts rats and other disease-carrying creatures. Dumping hazardous waste puts people’s health at risk and can harm the environment. Illegal dumping can be associated with other forms of illegal activity. If tolerated, it sends a message to violators that it is allowable to dump garbage in your neighborhood or community.