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Phone Book Opt-out Success

75,000 residents and businesses have stopped more than 420,000 unwanted deliveries

More than one-fifth of all Seattle households and businesses have used,  made a phone call, or mailed a postcard to opt out of telephone book deliveries since the service was started by the city, last May.

May 22 is the last day to opt out to stop deliveries of Dex phone books this year. Under the regulations established by the city, residents and businesses must opt out at least 30 days before deliveries start, giving phone book publishers time to remove opt-outs from their lists of delivery addresses.

Dex delivers in June and July. Two other companies, Yellowbook and Supermedia deliver yellow pages in the fall. The website allows users to opt out of some or all phone book titles, including residential listings, the “white pages.” Phone book deliveries can also be stopped by calling 206-504-3066, an automated line.

The city expects to open a Spanish language version of the call-in line in June.