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Ask Questions before Letting People in Your House

On occasion, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) employees will visit a private residence to post notices and verify or correct a problem. It is rare for an SPU employee to come to a home without an appointment. SPU customers can expect that if we come to your door we will:

• Show you our City of Seattle-issued photo ID card.

• Encourage you to phone SPU, at 206-386-1800, to verify who we are.

• Only enter your home with your permission.

• Never ask you to pay the person at the door with cash or check for utility charges.

• Not solicit work, such as plumbing on your property, that SPU does not typically provide.

If anyone approaches you and states they are an SPU or water department employee and does not abide by the guidelines above or makes you uncomfortable, don’t let them in — call 911!