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Become Your Local Lorax

Seattle residents encouraged to “speak for the trees” In celebration of the 108th birthday of the late children’s author Dr. Seuss on March 2, Seattle residents are encouraged to become a local Lorax — modeled after the eponymous character in the Seuss classic The Lorax. In the book, a modern… [ Keep reading ]

Save Time and Money: Grasscycle!

Grasscycling means leaving your clippings on the lawn, to break down and feed the soil. Studies show that grasscycling doesn’t cause thatch, but does improve lawn rooting depth, disease and drought resistance, and provides free fertilizer. You save money on water and fertilizer, and save the time it takes to… [ Keep reading ]

Spring Clean Your Neighborhood

Begins April 1 Spring is quickly approaching and that means it’s time for Spring Clean – Seattle’s premier community cleanup event. Seattle Public Utilities invites you and your neighbors to participate! This program is a partnership of volunteers and Seattle Public Utilities, the Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle Parks and Recreation,… [ Keep reading ]

Take the Mystery out of Your Bill

Do you have questions when reading your Seattle Public Utilities bill? Try our new interactive Tour Your Bill feature. The following is some of what you will learn: – Where your account number is located – Where important messages about your services are located – How much water you have… [ Keep reading ]

Not Filling Your Garbage Can?

Consider downsizing. More Seattleites are recycling and composting, and more items are now allowed in your recycling and food and yard waste carts. That means garbage cans are less full. Compare the rates. Savings may be in your future. Changing your can size is just a click away. You can use this… [ Keep reading ]

It’s Only a Small Drip… Right?

Research shows that about 8 percent of home water is wasted through leaks. Don’t pay for water you don’t use. If the drip is hot water, you are paying for wasted energy too. A leaking faucet is frequently the result of a bad rubber washer. The washer on a sink… [ Keep reading ]

Free Auto Leaks Class ($43 Value)

Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Fix That Leak! Keep oil and other car fluid leaks from harming our local waterways and wildlife. Join the experts at South Seattle Community College’s Automotive Technology Program for a FREE auto leaks class. Learn where most leaks occur and how to fix them. All participants also get… [ Keep reading ]

Volunteer to Clean Up Graffiti

Want to clean up graffiti in your neighborhood? Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has a couple ways you can volunteer: Pledge to help clean up graffiti in your neighborhood on an ongoing basis. Organize a paint-out event. Either way, SPU provides paint and loans out the following supplies: Paint (white-brown-gray) Rollers… [ Keep reading ]

Where’s Seattle Going? Learn at State of the City

Join Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn for his annual State of the City Speech. Come hear about the Mayor’s priorities for 2012, including his efforts to widen the circle of prosperity, his approach to public safety, and how we can work together to position Seattle to compete and succeed in the global… [ Keep reading ]

Low-Interest Home Repair Loans

Do you need to replace your side sewer? Do you have other overlooked repairs? The Seattle Office of Housing’s Home Repair Loan program provides low- or no-interest loans to qualified low- and moderate-income homeowners in the City of Seattle. The income limit is about $51,000 for a two-person household and… [ Keep reading ]