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Super Bowl Trash Talk

There should be be plenty of fun excitement  for you and your friends this Sunday. Here are some tips to help remind you of what goes where for your Super Bowl Party cleanup:


RECYCLING – All items need to be CLEAN to be recyclable, otherwise they are garbage.

Disposable plastic cups
Shiny paper plates
Bottles and cans
Party dip/sauce containers
Plastic meat and veggie trays
Lids wider than 3 inches
Aluminum foil

Plastic grocery bags tied together
Paper bags

Potato chips, chicken wings, pizza and ALL other leftover food
Paper napkins
Cardboard pizza boxes
Coffee filters and tea bags
Dirty Chinet paper plates
Sub sandwich paper wrappers

Wooden toothpicks and chopsticks
Paper bags


Bottle caps, corks
The little pizza table inside the pizza box
Soft aluminum or plastic lids on dip/sauce containers
Potato chip bags
Candy wrappers, cling wrap
Condiment packets, straws

Reuse is better than recycling. If you can, try using reusable plates, dishes, cups and cloth napkins.

Remember, there is no charge for extra recycling in Seattle. If your cart is full, put the extras out in a box next to your cart on collection day.