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Thanksgiving Tips and Reminders

Seattle Public Utilities offers the following reminders and tips for a safe and green Thanksgiving weekend.

1) Thursday’s garbage, recycling or food/yard waste collections will be on Friday, and Friday’s collections will be on Saturday this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

2) Prevent sewer backups- keep fat, oil and grease out of the sink drain.

3) Prevent flooding by keeping leaves out of the storm drains.

4) Unwanted Thanksgiving leftovers go in the food and yard waste cart. Even giblets.

5) Need a container to store your leftover food scraps until the storm passes? We can help.

6) Seattle uses approximately 292 million plastic bags annually. Bring your own reusable bag if you go out shopping this weekend, or recycle the ones you receive.

7) When shopping for children’s gifts, use Washington Toxic Coalition’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide to avoid toxic products.