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The Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Is….

The results are in!

In a tight race with several frontrunners, and earning just 16 percent of the votes, the dish that has the least likelihood of being gobbled up by Seattle residents this holiday season is…


Giblets, from the Old French word giblet, meaning “to compost,” are defined as the heart, liver, and gizzard of a poultry carcass. There are a number of recipes that use giblets. If a bird is to be stuffed, the giblets are traditionally chopped and added to the stuffing; however the USDA recommends cooking giblets separate from the bird. They can be used for other purposes, such as giblet pie or giblet gravy. It may be used in liver-specific recipes, such as pâté or yakitori. Giblets can also be used to make alicot, a French stew. And, of course, nutritious compost for local gardens.

Seattle Public Utilities’ poll found several other dishes are likely to end up in the food and yard waste cart this holiday season, including green bean casserole (14 percent), aspic (14 percent), mincemeat pie (10 percent) and ambrosia salad (8 percent).

Seattle Public Utilities reminds residents that all unwanted food scraps can go in their food and yard waste cart, including turkey bones, paper napkins, coffee filters, uncoated paper plates, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables, where they will be turned into compost for local parks and gardens. Last year, Seattle residents diverted 35,000 tons of food scraps from the landfill by composting them instead.

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