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Recycling by the Numbers? No

Seattle does not recycle by the numbers listed on plastic materials. Recycling can seem daunting at times, so here are the categories that you can put into your recycling cart and keep out of your garbage! Just remember they need to be empty and clean.

Rigid food containers: tubs, bottles, cups, boxes, jars, microwave and cookie trays.

Bags: retail shopping, newspaper and drycleaner bags. Please bundle bags into one bag to prevent tangling machinery at the recycling facility. All produce, ziplock, and single grocery bags go into the garbage.

Plant pots

Vitamin and pill bottles. No prescription vials – the material is too brittle.

Lids (plastic or metal) 3 inches or wider. Caps and smaller lids go in the garbage.

Still have questions? Use Evelyn the Envelope’s Lookup Tool to find out how to get rid of unwanted materials.

You can also have fun testing and expanding your recycling knowledge by playing theWhere Does It Go? Recycling Game.