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Deadline to Stop Fall Phone Book Deliveries

For residents and business who haven’t yet, opt out online by September 23.

The next opt-out deadline for Seattle residents and  businesses who want to stop getting some or all yellow pages phone books is September 23 – 30 days before “Yellowbook” starts deliveries.

“Yellowbook” and “SuperPages” deliveries are scheduled from late-October through the end of the year.

Most Seattle residents receive six phone books totaling more than 11 pounds of paper, every year. Many of those books are unwanted and go directly in recycling, never used.

It’s also possible to opt-out by automated phone line at 206-504-3066. Mail-in postcards are also available at the city’s Neighborhood Service Centers in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Somali, Korean and Tagalog.

More than 55,000 Seattle residents and businesses have already used this free service, resulting in the elimination of more than 300,000 phone books a year, equaling nearly 300 tons of paper.