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Sorting Out Takeout

All takeout and fast food containers now must be compostable or recyclable. It’s a big change and requires a little thought before you dump your tray, so here are three suggestions to help you sort the packaging:

All paper napkins and paper towels go in compost.

All empty paper hot beverage cups go in recycling.

All coated-paper products such as take out boxes go in recycling – as long as they are clean.

Eating Out

When you’re finished with your meal, stop, think, and sort your containers and leftovers into the appropriate bins. It only takes a moment, but it’s quick and easy.

At Home

Visit for a list of compostable containers permitted in your food and yard waste cart.

Still in Doubt? Toss It Out!

Prevent contamination of recycling and compost by placing items you are unsure about in the garbage can.