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Leftovers Make Super Compost

With many Super Bowl parties planned this coming weekend, Seattle Public Utilities reminds residents that they can score a touchdown with the environment by placing all their leftovers, including chicken bones, pizza boxes, cheese, sub sandwiches, potato chips, napkins, fruits and veggies in their food and yard waste carts. Now… [ Keep reading ]

Join Bert and Evelyn on Facebook

Bert the Salmon and Evelyn the Envelope are now on Facebook. Bert and Evelyn will give you tips on how to improve your recycling and composting and preserve the quality of our water and natural environment for future generations. “Join us today,” says Bert. “You’ll also learn about coupons and… [ Keep reading ]

Battery Recycling Is Charged Up

According to the EPA, more than three billion batteries are purchased in the United States each year. Household batteries – AAs, AAAs, Cs, Ds and 9-volts – do not pose as great a threat to landfills as they used to because they contain much less mercury than their predecessors. As… [ Keep reading ]

Meet Your Utility at Open House

The City Council and Mayor Mike McGinn, along with departments across city government, are hosting an open house at City Hall on Saturday, January 29 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mayor McGinn will highlight 2011 plans for his Engage Seattle initiative and the Cities of Service plan. Staff and… [ Keep reading ]

Start Composting with Our Help

Recycling food is easy to do and Bartell Drugs, King County and the City of Seattle are making it even easier! Buy discounted food scrap containers and compostable bags for your kitchen at your local Bartell Drugs on sale through February 10. Want to learn more about food scrap recycling?… [ Keep reading ]

NE 145th Lane Closures Due Water Main Break

Due to a water main break this afternoon, the westbound lanes of NE 145th Street from 8th to 15th Avenues NE have been closed. Eastbound lanes are carrying one lane of traffic in each direction. Traffic diversion will remain through rush hour. Crews from Seattle Public Utilities are at the scene.

Got Game? Take the Recycling Challenge

Seattleites of all ages now have a fun way to learn how to dispose of waste in their homes. Play the Where Does It Go? Recycling Game and put your knowledge to the test. See how fast you can correctly sort your food and yard waste, recycling, or garbage into the… [ Keep reading ]

Not Filling Your Garbage Can?

Consider downsizing. More Seattleites are recycling and composting, and more items are now allowed in your recycling and food and yard waste carts. That means garbage cans are less full. Compare the rates. Savings may be in your future. Changing your can size is just a click away. You can… [ Keep reading ]

Food Scrap Containers on Sale!

Bartell Drugs, King County and the City of Seattle are making it even easier to compost. Do your part by picking up a kitchen food scrap container on sale now through February 10 at your local Bartell Drugs. While at there, you can also pick up helpful food scrap recycling… [ Keep reading ]

Easy Graffiti Reporting

You’ll have any easy time remembering how to report graffiti online with Seattle Public Utilities’ new Web address: Use this online form or call the Graffiti Report Line at 206-684-7587 to report graffiti for removal on public property, or graffiti that has not been removed from private property. Call… [ Keep reading ]