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Help at Signup Events

During these hard economic times we know that many families are feeling a pinch. Did you know that there is a program that can help you pay your utility bills? Households that qualify could get 50 percent off their Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities bills for 18 months…. [ Keep reading ]

Keep Seattle Clean: Volunteer

Seattle Public Utilities has a range of programs to enhance Seattle’s quality of life through clean streets and beautiful neighborhoods. Litter and graffiti are more than eyesores. Seattle rains can wash litter and illegally dumped material into storm drains, which lowers water quality. If graffiti is tolerated, it sends vandals… [ Keep reading ]

Slowing the Flow in Ballard

Discover how Ballard is taking the lead in managing stormwater and protecting Puget Sound at the FREE Ballard RainWise Roadshow Walking Tour. During heavy rains, stormwater runoff from roofs, streets, and parking lots combines with wastewater from inside homes and businesses and can overflow into waterways. In Ballard right now… [ Keep reading ]

One Stop Shop at New Gov Site

Check out the new home page and portal. The new site is simpler, more streamlined, wider, has more modern look and feel, and as confirmed by the testing, easier to use. It has a useful Popular Services tool that has these valuable links for Seattle Public Utilities customers: Pay… [ Keep reading ]

Cedar River Salmon Journey

See spawning salmon at sites along the Cedar River this fall! Learn from volunteer naturalists about the epic journey that takes place every fall as salmon swim from the ocean, through the Chittenden Locks, through Lake Washington, and up the Cedar River to spawn. Learn about the natural and human… [ Keep reading ]

Compost Jack’s Guts

Want to hear something scary? More than 20 percent of Seattle’s garbage is compostable! Don’t be haunted by a wasteful Halloween – instead, you can cut down on waste by composting your pumpkin and its gourd “guts” in your food and yard waste cart! Pumpkins, caramel apples, napkins, greasy pizza… [ Keep reading ]

Join Bert and Evelyn on Facebook

Bert the Salmon and Evelyn the Envelope are now on Facebook. Bert and Evelyn will give you tips on how to improve your recycling and composting and preserve the quality of our water and natural environment for future generations. “Join us today,” says Bert. “You’ll also learn about coupons and… [ Keep reading ]

Game On! Save Water

Check out Bert and Phil’s Water Busters game on the Saving Water Partnership website. Kids of all ages – that means adults too – can learn about great ways to save water. The Saving Water Partnership is a consortium of 18 water utilities, including Seattle Public Utilities, implementing the 1%… [ Keep reading ]

Scoop It, Bag It and Trash It

Pet Waste Is a Problem in Seattle Did you know that there are 125,000 dogs and 60,000 outdoor cats in Seattle! That amounts to about 50,000 pounds of pet waste every day! Left on streets, curb strips and in yards and parks, pet waste can be carried by rainwater to storm… [ Keep reading ]