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What’s Your Score?

The Where Does It Go? Recycling Game has been played more than 10,000 times this year.

Answers revealed that there is always more to learn about how to recycle correctly.

Cross-cut shredded paper:  51% thought it should be put in the recycling bin. It should be mixed with food and yard waste.

Small caps:  44% thought these are recyclable. They should be put in the trash.

Paper towels and pizza boxes: 43% put these in the recycling cart. Food-soiled paper should go in the food and yard waste cart.

Plastic shopping bags: 37% of players did not know how to correctly dispose of them. Plastic shopping bags should be bagged together and recycled.

Styrofoam: People think styrofoam can be recycled 39% of the time. It goes in the garbage.

THE GOOD NEWS: more than 80% of game players know where food and yard waste and basic recyclables go.

Thanks for continuing to recycle Seattle!