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Replace Your Gas Mower and Save

Mowing the lawn no longer needs to be a noisy, smelly chore that guzzles gasoline and belches exhaust fumes into the air.

By switching to a push or electric mower, you’ll not only save money on gas and oil, you’ll also cut carbon dioxide emissions, improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

Electric mowers are also great for grasscycling, where grass clippings are blown into the lawn to act as natural fertilizer. Replacing chemical with natural fertilizers helps to keep local waterways clean and safe for animals and people.

Push mowers are quiet, non-polluting and inexpensive, and are particularly suitable for small yards.

Gas mowers, by contrast, emit as much hourly pollution as 11 cars and riding mowers emit as much as 34 cars, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you are ready to replace an old gas mower with a newer, environmentally-friendly electric or push mower, you can recycle your mower at one of our Recycling and Disposal Stations.

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