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Peak Water Rates in Effect

Peak residential water rates are in effect from May 16 through September 15 each year. Peak rates incorporate a three-tiered rate structure with progressively higher rates as water consumption increases. During warmer month, we depend on water stored in our mountain reservoirs to meet customer demand while leaving enough water in the rivers for fish. Peak water rates encourage customers to use water wisely.

2010 Residential Water Rates

Water Usage 


Inside City Limits Outside City Limits Shoreline and Lake Forest Park 
Off-Peak Usage

(Sept. 16 – May 15)

$3.50/ccf $4.00/ccf $4.25/ccf
Peak Usage

(May 16 – Sept. 15)


Up to 10 ccf in 60 days

$3.86/ccf $4.40/ccf $4.67/ccf

Next 26 ccf in 60 days

$4.49/ccf $5.11/ccf $5.44/ccf

Over 36 ccf in 60 days

$11.44/ccf $13.04/ccf $13.87/ccf

Note: One ccf equals 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water.