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Clean Up After Your Pet

What’s the problem with pet waste? It’s a health risk to pets and people, especially children. It’s a nuisance in our neighborhoods.

Pet waste is full of bacteria that can make people sick. If it’s washed into the storm drain and ends up in a lake, stream or marine water, the bacteria ends up in shellfish. People who eat those shellfish can get very sick.

The waste produced by Seattle’s dogs and cats is about what a city the size of Renton or Kennewick, about 50,000 people, would produce. Unless people take care of it, the waste enters our water with no treatment.

Disposal tips:

  • Put dog poop and used kitty litter into the garbage. Please use a bag to contain the waste.
  • Pet waste cannot be composted in the food and yard waste cart.
  • Do not flush kitty litter down the toilet.