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Free Toilets for Apartments and Condominiums

Multifamily property owners and managers can significantly reduce apartment building water bills by replacing old toilets (installed before 1994) with newer 1.6 gallon per flush models.

Financial Incentives

Through March 31, 2010, the Saving Water Partnership, which includes Seattle Public Utilities, is offering multifamily properties of four or more units that replace old toilets:

  • Free toilets (Ferguson ProFLO WaterSense), or
  • $100 rebates towards 1.28 gpf WaterSense toilets.

WaterSense toilets have been shown to provide reliable water savings and performance. Most program participants are seeing paybacks on their investment in 6 months to 2 years, depending on water/sewer rates. View case studies of program participants.

Take These Steps

  • Confirm you’re in the Saving Water Partnership service area.
  • Complete and send the Multifamily Toilet Replacement Rebate Application (pdf). Be sure to choose either free toilets or rebates.
  • Wait for authorization.
  • Receive delivery of free toilets or buy and install toilets (see list of eligible models on application). ALL old toilets must be replaced.
  • Complete project and submit project completion information by March 31, 2010.  

Additional Benefits

Customers participating in the multifamily toilet rebate program also are eligible to receive:

  • FREE efficient showerheads and bathroom faucet aerators.

If you would like more information about the multifamily rebate or help with choosing toilets that are right for your building, contact Billie Fisher at or (206) 615-1282.