Resolve to Compost Food Waste, You’ll Save

Disposing of garbage is more expensive than food and yard waste. Because food and yard waste service is required for all single-family households, unless you compost in your backyard, it makes sense to recycle food scraps. The more food waste you put in your food/yard waste cart, the smaller the garbage container you will need, and the lower the rate.

Easy Tips to Store & Carry Food Scraps

  • Bag them! Use a paper or approved compostable bag to store food scraps. When it’s full, just toss the bag in your food and yard waste cart.
  • Put a lid on them! Use a container with a tight-fitting lid to store food scraps in the kitchen. Rinse and reuse the container after emptying the contents into your cart.
  • Use the news! Spread newspaper at the bottom of your cart or wrap your scraps in newspaper to help keep your cart clean.
  • Chill them! Put leftovers in a container or wrap them in paper, then place them in your refrigerator until collection day.

Watch our how-to video that will explain how easy it is to make the change to composting your food scraps.