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August 2015
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CityLink Seattle

Thousands of homes in Wedgwood, Windermere and University neighborhoods are now eligible for RainWise

RainWise, a joint program of Seattle and King County is an ever more popular way to fight water pollution. The RainWise Program is part of a larger plan to reduce combined sewer overflows, or CSOs, which occur when stormwater causes sewer lines to overflow into local waterways during heavy rains. The RainWise Program offers rebates […]


Straight to the source: Seattle’s Mountain Fresh Water

Have you ever wondered where your mountain fresh drinking water comes from?  Find out this summer by joining Seattle Public Utilities for a tour of the protected Cedar River Municipal Watershed. These tours are held Saturday and Sunday by our expert naturalists. The tour can be taken by bus and by foot. This is a great opportunity […]


Moving and getting rid of bulky items? Don’t dump illegally!

As the summer months approach and the moving season picks up, Seattle begins to see a number of old couches and mattresses thrown out onto the sidewalks. Some of these get picked up by new owners and some are forgotten and left behind. The result of this is a lot of discarded items left in […]


Public art to be featured on utility pump house in Maple Leaf – Community comments extended until July 31, 2015.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) values your input as we prepare to include a display of public art on the Roosevelt Pump House, located within the Maple Leaf Reservoir Play Area at the corner of NE 82nd Street and Roosevelt Way NE. SPU is working with local artist Jonathan Fischer and community member Scott K. Bishop […]


Where does it go? Look-up tool for recycling, compost, and garbage

Ever wonder what belongs in the compost bin, recycling bin, garbage bin or the hazardous waste facility? Use this handy Look-up Tool to find out where things like bubble wrap, foil, and electronics go. Always remember to rinse out bottles and jars and only place clean recyclables in the recycling bin. Dirty recyclables compromise the […]


Seattle street cleaning dramatically expanded to fight water pollution

One of the key elements to the 15-year Plan to Protect Seattle’s Waterways is a nation-leading street-cleaning program. Beginning next year, the city will double the lane miles of arterials being cleaned—from 10,000 to 20,000—to remove pollutants before they wash into public waterways. The program’s goal is to remove at least 140 tons of pollutants […]


Threadcycle: Damaged Clothes aren’t garbage anymore

In partnership with King County, the “Threadcycle” program aims to reduce an estimated 40,000 tons of clothes, shoes, linens and other textile-based items discarded as garbage annually to the Seattle and King County landfills. Changing this pattern could go far in supporting the city’s goal of recycling and composting 60 percent of its waste by […]


How should Seattle grow? Comments needed by June 18!

How should Seattle grow in the next 20 years? By 2035, Seattle will gain 120,000 people and 115,000 jobs and become more diverse than ever. As a city effort, the Seattle Department of Planning and Development has released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan Update for public comment. This […]


Giving Salmon a Break – Mapes Creek Project

A newly-restored creek mouth in south Seattle creates a much-needed rest stop for young Chinook salmon along the Lake Washington shoreline. Young salmon need shallow shorelines and small creek mouths where they can eat and rest as they migrate from the Cedar River to Puget Sound through Lake Washington. But over the years, many creeks […]


Video: What’s it like to be RainWise?

Ever wonder what it’s like to be RainWise? Seattle Public Utilities released short video interviewing participants in the SPU and King County’s RainWise program. Customers share their experiences and explain the number of community benefits rain gardens bring to their community. The RainWise rebate program covers up to 100 percent of the cost for installing […]