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December 2015
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Region continues to meet 10 percent water reduction goal

Puget Sound Region (Oct. 7, 2015) Fall has arrived, but consistent fall rains have not.  Everett, Seattle and Tacoma remain in the second stage of their drought response plans.  The water systems rely on fall rains to fill the reservoirs so there is enough water for people and fish.    Customers in the region have reduced […]


End of the Drought? I think Not!

Guest post by Mark Guthrie, Landscape Water Conservation Program Manager at Seattle Public Utilities In Washington, when it rains, it often pours! But that hasn’t happened yet, and the drought is not over. We’ve had some rain, but Seattle’s reservoirs have not refilled, and there are predictions that the fall, winter, and next spring may […]


The Case of the Decaying Sea Lettuce

Over the past several weeks, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has received a number of calls about a smell in the 4600-4800 blocks of Beach Drive SW. The callers complained of a persistent sewage-like odor (a.k.a hydrogen sulfide). After extensive investigation—water sampling, beach surveys, and other research—in coordination with King County, the Washington State Department of Ecology, and […]


At a critical time for fish, region maintains 14 percent water reduction

  Puget Sound Region (Sept. 23, 2015) While we wait for the fall rains to come in earnest, it remains important for people to reduce their water use. Everett, Seattle and Tacoma continue to ask their customers to reduce water use by 10 percent so that we have enough for people and fish now and […]


Why isn’t food waste allowed in the garbage?

If you live in Seattle, you’ve probably heard this: food waste is no longer allowed in the garbage. What’s the reasoning behind this rule? For one, about a third of food in America is thrown away each year. That’s 133 billion pounds of food that ends up in landfills, where it mixes in with all […]


Despite rain, cities ask people to continue reducing water use

Puget Sound Region (Sept. 9, 2015) While the rain has been falling off and on recently, Everett, Seattle and Tacoma continue to ask people to reduce water use by 10 percent. The recent rain helped, but it was not enough to return water supplies to normal levels. More rain and continued water reductions by customers […]


Water Supply Update: August 31, 2015

After moving to the Voluntary Stage of their water shortage response plans on August 11, Everett, Seattle and Tacoma asked customers to reduce their water use by 10 percent to stretch water supplies, for people and fish, to the rainy season. So how are we doing? In the first two weeks following August 11, the […]


Closed Lake Washington shoreline to re-open today

SEATTLE (August 31, 2015) — The remaining four-block stretch of Lake Washington near last Wednesday’s sewage spill site that was closed over the weekend will be reopened today. Tests done over the weekend showed the water is safe for recreation. Posted warning signs in this area are being removed. Seattle’s Seward Park swimming beach reopened […]


Seward Park swimming beach will open after two days of clean water samples

SEATTLE (August 28, 2015) — Seattle’s Seward Park swimming beach will reopen Saturday, after two consecutive days of testing showed the water safe for recreation. But a four-block stretch of Lake Washington remains closed to contact by humans and pets pending further testing. The section of Lake Washington shoreline near Wednesday’s sewage spill site — from […]


Seward Park swimming beach closed through Friday

SEATTLE (August 27, 2015) — Seattle’s Seward Park swimming beach will remain closed through at least Friday afternoon, until further water testing can confirm the water is safe. Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) made the decision to close the beach yesterday as a precaution, after problems with an electrically operated pipe […]