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October 2014
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Sandbags Available from Seattle Public Utilities

SandbagSeattle Public Utilities (SPU) offers a limited number of free, filled sandbags during the fall months to households or business owners in flood-prone areas. If you’ve had or almost had flooding, consider using sandbags.

Sandbags don’t seal out water, but can help redirect the flow of water and protect property from debris. Sandbags must be used with caution because it is illegal to divert water to your neighboring properties.

Until supplies run out, SPU is providing up to 25 sandbags to households or businesses at four locations listed below. Sandbags are heavy (about 40 pounds each), so be sure you, or someone you bring with you, can lift, carry and load the sandbags into your vehicle.

Sandbag Pick-Up Locations:

You can pick up your sandbags at any of these locations, any time of day, while supplies last. Sandbags will be left outside for public pick-up. To make sure there are enough sandbags available for all those in need, please limit your supply to 25 sandbags per address.

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